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The Best Dishwasher Reviews - Common Bosch Washing Machine Problems And How To Fix Them

Bosch washing machines have a very good reputation among consumers and commercial users. If you own one, chances are you are very happy with its performance and advanced features. Just because you own a top of the line piece of equipment does not mean the equipment will never have problems. Like all appliances, it does break down from time to time. If your machine is on the fritz it may be time to call for professional Bosch washing machine repairs Orange County CA. Before you call a professional, try to troubleshoot the problem on your own. Review these common problems and see if something minor is preventing you from washing your clothes.

If Your Washer Machine Will Not Drain or Spin

If your Bosch machine will not spin or drain the problem could be very minor or very serious. Try to troubleshoot and diagnose the seriousness of the problem by unplugging your machine and removing the front lower panel. Check the filter for clogging and clean the filter of debris. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to call the professionals to check the belts and motor brushes.

The Washing Machine Door Will Not Open

Bosch washing machines have an advanced child lock feature for safety. If you cannot open your washer you may have the child lock on. You can easily reset this by selecting the menu button and changing the child lock option to OFF. Holding the start key for 5 seconds will also deactivate the lock. If this was the problem, you can save quite a bit and avoid spending money for Bosch washing machine repairs Orange County CA.

An F18 Error

If your Bosch washing machine is showing an F18 error halfway through your washing cycle you could have pump blockage. Some pump blockages are caused by debris in the motor, pump, or lint tray. If your filter is blocked, cleaning it free of debris could be an easy fix. You will need to locate the drain motor filter at the rear of the unit by removing the washer's panels. If you are not familiar with the layout, you can find a reliable diagram online. If you are not comfortable with removing the panels and the motor, you should consider calling a professional.

Not all Bosch washing machine problems require professional help. Make sure you try to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem before you arrange Bosch washing machine repairs Orange County CA. If you have searched the problem on the Internet and you do not have the tools or knowledge necessary to fix it, it is time to turn to the professionals to get your washer up and running.

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Common Bosch Washing Machine Problems And How To Fix Them